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Auto Add Book Info

BethZK asked 9 years ago
In GP Fixed Assets, Add/Update General Assets there is a checkbok that says "Auto Add Book Info."  I am creating some maps to import Asset information and am looking for a switch or field that is in SmartConnect that activates this checkbox during General FA import.  Is there such a thing or do I need to create another Map for that to add Book ID?

Thank you!
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

The option has not been made available from Microsoft as part of eConnect.

There are several options
1. Create a second map that creates the Book information, execute it in a post map process from the first map and pass to it the data source data from the first map.
2. Use a Post map task that calls the SQL code to create the Book
3. Use Node Maintenance in SmartConnect to add the Create Asset Book to the Asset node.

AmyB answered 4 weeks ago

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