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Audit Fields

Denise asked 9 years ago
How can we store the user name, created and modified dates on each row?
callen replied 9 years ago

Your best bet is to purchase an audit tool.  Rockton Software has such a tool. 

Denise replied 9 years ago

Purchasing another tool is not an option at this point in the project. Surely Extender can provide this basic functionality. I only need it on the Extender data, not all of GP.

Mhuff replied 9 years ago

As auditing is not a core GP function, its not straitforward

Thinking aloud….

If you have two fields left avaiable in your extender window (I assume its a window) you could add hidden fields for User and Date Modified. Then under actions, you would need a dex script to get current user,  and then update both the user and date fields. That would give you last modified, or really last accessed for the whole window, not individual data fields. 

Without going into further detail, I dont know off the top of my head how to get both created and modified for each field, but it might be possible.  

For the investment of time, however, you may be better off looking at Rocktons auditor product. 

lorren replied 9 years ago

In Extender 2013, the main Extender tables have the Modified Date, Modified User, Created Date and Modified Date columns.  Otherwise you would have to add them to the form and use a view to report on those columns.


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