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Assign Multple Sites to Item

Jessie asked 5 years ago
I have created a map that imports inventory items into GP from a .csv file.  The integration includes the “Create/update item”, “Add/update item currency”, “Add price list line”, Create price list”, and “Assign item to site” maps.  Some of the new inventory items need to be assigned to multiple inventory sites.  The .csv contains a line for each site ID that needs to be assigned to the item.
It appears that the integration assigns the first site ID but ignores the second, third, etc. 
Has anyone had any luck assigning multiple site IDs from one file?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
SC never “skips” a line, every line is processed.
So either:
1. On the assign item to site mapping, you have a Restriction script that rejects out some rows of data
2. More likely – you are “grouping” your lines on this “assign item to site” node.
So if you would group this node, then SC then groups that data and so you would maybe get only 1 row processed – depends on what you grouped on.
On this node for what you are looking for, the node probably shouldn’t be grouped (typically “detail” nodes are not grouped)

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