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Apply for Manual payment

Ranga asked 10 years ago
We are currently automating the receivable and payables process. 
We are able to automate this process for receivables using the RM Apply node for eConnect when cash receipting.  Is there a similar functionality in payables?  I want to be able to do a manual payment and then either apply to a specific invoice or auto-apply.
I know how to push through a payables transaction where I invoice and cash at the same time but the transactions I am trying to push through have timing differences. ie invoice is received at the beginning of the month but payment occurs sometime during the month.
Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
Mick Egan replied 10 years ago


I remember writing my own Nodes and stored procedures to handle the PM Apply a while back, GP9, and there were a few things to consider, you need to consider how this would be done manually first, as I believe you need to consider the work and open tables.

I ran a trace on the sql scripts then developed from that point.


Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
Mick is correct in that there are no nodes the the PM Apply functionality. You would need to create your own either manually or by using Node Builder.

I am not sure of the tables but you would want to do a sql trace to find them if attempting it. One other thing to consider thta isn't pick up in the sql trace is any of the dex processes that run when using the apply function. Any logic that those processes run would have to replicated (if there are dex processes there).

We have had a couple requests to create PM Apply nodes before but nothing ever went through so I do not know all the tables and logic specifically.

Robyn replied 9 years ago

We are needing to do this node for AP apply. Does anyone have this written out there that would be willing to sell it or share?

JDC replied 9 years ago

I also need to do an apply off a manual check in an integration.

If anyone does have anything they could share on this – it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you – have a great day!

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