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Apply Calculated field to multiple fields

Manny asked 6 years ago
I’m using a calculated field to remove unwanted characters and format telephone numbers.  My source has multiple telephone numbers.  Do I have to create a calculated field for each number?  Or is there a way that I can use the same calculated field for all the numbers?  I currently reference the source field by name in the calculated field, so this would need to be changed dynamically somehow…
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 6 years ago


I am not sure what your goal is with this Calculated Column. Are you trying to send multiple phone numbers to one destination, or do you want to send multiple phone numbers to multiple fields? Does your source save the numbers in one source column, or are they stored across multiple source columns?

Short answer is likely this is possible as long as you are putting them into a format that your destination can handle, but depending on your answer to the above question would determine how you would accomplish it.

Manny replied 6 years ago

Multiple phone numbers to multiple fields. I’m basically just formatting the number coming from GP to CRM.

GP Telephone1 to CRM Telephone1
111.111.1111 to (111) 111-1111

GP Telephone2 to CRM Telephone2
222.222.2222 to (222) 222-2222


Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago


I see what you are looking for – you want to write the equivalent of a function and pass in the value and get back the result. That way you don’t have to write your same function multiple times.

I don’t see that there is a documented method of doing this in scripting in SmartConnect or if it is even possible. That being the case, the only workaround that I see would be to essentially copy & paste the function into each and switch the field referenced.

Not the most efficient way to do this I agree.

Manny replied 6 years ago

Hi Patrick,
Just wanted to check to see if there was shortcut 🙂

Thanks for the clarification.

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