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AP Transactions

Chip asked 10 years ago
I have added an extender window to the AP Transaction entry window. I did not see the Voucher Number being available as the Key, so i added the Vendor, Doctype and the Document number as the key Fields. This works for both the posted and unpost transactions. 

But, the value of the extender window is not visable in the AP Transacaction Smartlist.

Has anyone done this?

David replied 10 years ago


You need to link the PM Transaction window on "Voucher Number – Work"

Then when you setup the SmartList link you link "Voucher Number – Work" from eXtender  to "Voucher Number" in the SmartList

If you change your existing window key fields you will lose all your data that has been entered using the old key fields.  So only change the link if you don't have existing data already entered. 

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