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AP Transactions Field and Table Linking

Maybellkate asked 9 years ago
I've added extender fields to my Payables Transaction Entry Window in Dynamics GP 13.  I made Voucher Number- Work my key field and linked it to Voucher Number Work in the Work Table (PM10000), to Voucher Number in the Open Table (PM20000) and also the Paid History Table (PM30200).  I also linked Voucher Number- Work to the Smartlist Field Voucher Number in the smartlist integrations section.

However, when my transaction is saved, but not posted, I see the values from these additional fields in my smartlist, but once I post it, the values dissapear from my smartlist.    Am I missing a table?
callen replied 9 years ago

There is a place to put the alternative key which is necessary for vouchers.

Maybellkate replied 9 years ago

So just pick another field that is unique? Why is this necessary for vouchers?

Maybellkate replied 9 years ago

I added a second key of doc number, but got the same result.  Values in those fields showed until I posted the transaction and then my extender fields were blank in my smartlist.

callen replied 9 years ago

It wouldn't be document number.  It would be Voucher Number.  The window would be Payables Transaction Entry Zoom.

I believe the reason an alternate key is needed is because the voucher field is used by Payables Transaction entry and payments. 

Maybellkate replied 9 years ago

I added an inquiry with the form and window Payables transaction entry zoom and selected alternate key and chose Voucher Number.  I'm still getting the same result.  I see it in my smartlist until it's posted and then my extender field column in the smartlist goes blank. 

callen replied 9 years ago

For the SmartList, when you added the SmartList integration, as opposed to the Inquiry, did you add it to the Payables Transactions SmartList?  Did you select Voucher Number as the SmartList field?

callen replied 9 years ago

Is this GP 2013?

Maybellkate replied 9 years ago

Yes.  I made Key Field Voucher number-WORK and then linked to the Voucher Number field on the smartlist.  It shows on my payables transaction smartlist until it's posted, then the extender field data goes blank after posting.
Does it have to do with GP's Voucher Number Field changing from VoucherNumber-Work to Voucher Number between the Work table and the OPEN table?

Maybellkate replied 9 years ago

Yes it is GP 13

Pudster replied 8 years ago

I am having the same issue, were you able to resolve this at all?

Nicole replied 8 years ago

When you say you have it linked to the Work Table (PM10000), the Open Table (PM20000) and the Paid History Table (PM30200), are you referring to the linked tables in the options? If so, if you remove those Table Links, does the data display still when you post it? I want to be sure it is just a display issue and not that the data is physically getting removed.

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