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Anybody have a script example

karetess asked 8 years ago
I don't know Dexterity, but if I had a repertoire of some script examples, I could do so much more.  I want to create a Logic script that I'd like to pop up when a user tries to Delete a service order in the Service Order Entry window.  I got as far as figuring out how to input "getmsg(30002)" for the script.  When I validate it I get "syntax error:  'end'" error.  I just need to know how the commands to make this a script.
Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago


your best bet is to load Dexterity and then check the dexterity help manual and perhaps the Dexterity function library.

not sure what you are going to do besides show an ask dialog to the user.

are you asking for a choice? or go have the user enter something? local integer result;

result = ask("are you sure you want to do that","yes","no","maybe");

case result

in [1] {yes} in [2] {no} in [3] {maybe}

end case;

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