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any way to access Modifer stuff from EE?

Chris asked 9 years ago
Is there any way to access controls added through Modifier from Extender Enterprise?
Specifically, I'm really wanting some buttons to click to trigger Sanscript or SQL.

My other idea (haven't tried it yet) was to use modifier to hide the save button and change "cancel" to something like "run" and trigger the script off of the cancel button.

Hopefully I'm not missing something obvious…

Best Answer
Chris Dew answered 9 years ago

The Extender Enterprise product has the ability to add a button that can call Sanscript or SQL built right in to an Extender Form. You are able to work with fields (visible or hidden) that are part of the main dictionary of the product you are using. If you are using an addon product it will pull the dictionary fields from that product as well.

Chris Dew

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