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Another annoying rounding question – In Payables Management Transaction

Lewis asked 4 years ago
I have a working AP Transaction import from Smartconnect to Dynamics GP AP Transaction window.  Most of the time there are no issues with the import.  From time to time there are an errors when we include sales tax that do not calculate properly.  In our situation, the Tax amount is fix so I need to calculate the detail back to the summary amount. 
I’m using this calculation:
return Math.Round ( _VATCALC  * _TXDTLPCT1/_TOTALTAX1, 2,MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero )
On a specific import the summary tax amount is $25.06, however the detail calculates as (17.00 + 8.05 = $25.05), or one cent off.  Then the import gives the error amount does not match… 
The tax schedule has tax detail setup for state and county, because we need to submit tax reports to the local tax jurisdiction. 
My question is there a way to force the detail to equal the Tax Total on the Header of the transaction?

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