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Analytical Accounting with Accounts Receivable upload fails to show Analytical Accounting Code

Jeff Timmons asked 7 years ago
I am attempting to import Accounts Receivable records with Analytical Accounting data into Dynamic GP 2013 via a SmartConnect Map.  It successfully creates the invoice and distribution lines but the AA data is not importing properly.   Data appears to be populating properly into the aaSubLedgerHdr, aaSubLedgerDist, and aaSubLederAssign tables in GP with all fields populating as they do from manually entered records.  However, the table aaSubLedgerCode is not getting populated PROPERLY.   The table is getting populated by the import but the field aaTrxCodeID is being populate with 0.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff Timmons replied 7 years ago

As a bit of follow up, I was having a similar problem with Accounts Payable but finally have it working.

Jeff Timmons replied 7 years ago

Just to clarify again – I have NOT solved my problem with integration into Accounts Receivable. Accounts Payable works but NOT Accounts Receivable. It is quite strange to me given that the two modules are so similar.

Chris Hanson Staff answered 7 years ago
That would a question better directed at our support team as they’d be able to stream in and help you more efficiently. There isn’t really a quick or easy answer when it comes to determining why AA data isn’t showing up – as there are so many setup and configuration options that could change why it would fail to run into a GP instance.
Jeff Timmons replied 7 years ago

Thanks Chris. I have AA codes working successfully for both GL and AP and was hoping someone had found something unique as it relates to AA and the RM module. I’ll set up some time with our GP partner to have them review the SmartConnect map and see if they see anything that might be causing my problems.

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