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Analytical Accounting Uploads

susan.conrod asked 10 years ago
Here is the issue: Recently all my Analytical Accounting Uploads have quit working and giving me an error. I just found out that the consultant that was in here went into node maintenance and created a new node in order to upload all the new AA codes for new companies. He set everything within his node to be a "string". Now My AATransaction Node seems to be set to "string" for everything. And I keep getting an error.

Can someone go into their node maintenance and look at a the GL Transaction and go to the Analytical Transaction Node (3rd line) and let me know if all of the fields are set to string or at least what they should be.
Michelle replied 10 years ago

I checked my GL Transaction, it was the second line, and they are all set to string.

susan.conrod replied 10 years ago

All my GL Analytical Account Transaction quit going into Smart Connect about a month ago, was not aware of it until now.  All the maps worked, now none of them do, Have a DEV, QC and Produciton enviornment and now nothing works. 

Getting an error 9436 Stored Procedure taGLTransacito header Insert:  Count not process analytics.

Then get an error number 9469 taAnalytics Distribution Error Description – Cannot find a distribution amount based on input values.

This is driving me crazy, is there something that could have happend on the server like installing 2013 or something that would cause all of them to suddently fail.

I use Bulk upload with ODBC, use the GL Transaction Upload with the AA transaction.  The regular GL upload is still working just the AA transaciton is not working at all.  Any body got a clue.  Anybody seen this before?

Beat Bucher replied 10 years ago


Did you upgrade the GP on the server side ? There were quite a few changes in AA on GP 2013 as far as I know, so some stored proces may have changed behavior or expecting different input…


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