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An item with the same key has already been added

JR asked 6 years ago
I get the error when I’m importing sales.  I have 5 other maps that are set up the same way and work fine, but this one company has this issue.  can someone help troubleshoot?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
This error is actually a result of Microsoft eConnect returning the same error multiple times. It usually happens when trying to integrate Analytical Accounting data but can happen on other nodes as well. The only way to find the actual error is to run a trace with Microsoft SQL Profiler to get the stored procedure call that is generating the error. Then execute that stored procedure separately to see if we can determine the actual error being returned.
JR replied 6 years ago

I’m having my IT guy look into this, unless you could guide me on how to run a trace with SQL and find this error? thanks for the answer!

Kitty Geiger replied 6 years ago

After testing the heck out of this error. The most common reason that triggers this message with is that the Gl account is not linked in the AA Account Class.

Don Tricker replied 5 years ago

Hi, I have actually solved an issue of this instance after incorrectly assuming the document type node on the taAnalyticsDistribution procedure is the same as the PM Transaction. I changed the Document Type to 0 (PM Voucher for AA), then it worked like a charm.

Leanne Pahal answered 4 years ago
Hi, I actually receive this error if the integration references an AA Transaction Dimension Code that doesn’t exist in GP. 
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


This is a common error when importing AA dimensions. This has to do with the way eConnect inserts AA documents. It is saying it received the same error multiple times, but does not show you the actual error message.

You will need to run a SQL trace as Lorren outlined above to view the actual error message the eConnect encountered multiple times.

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