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Amounts >= 100,000 Not Getting Through Web Service

marcb asked 9 years ago
I have a map that imports journal entries from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet into GP. I found that the map sporadically ran into problems when attempting to run it from the Excel Addin stating that the credit amount wasn’t being provided. So I changed the destination to a GP File and found that the debit and credit nodes were not populated whenever the amount passed in was >= 100,000.00. If I run the map directly in SmartConnect without changing anything, there is no problem and all amounts are populated in the GP file. But when run from the Excel Addin through the web service it doesn’t populate. I tested +99,999.99 and -99,999.99 through the web service and both worked fine, but as soon as it hits 100,000 or higher the amounts are dropped. Does anyone know how to resolve this? This is in SmartConnect
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

Which version of the Excel Addin are you using?  I just loaded the 2013 Excel Add-In and it is pulling the larger values correctly for me.

This version of the Add-In can be used with Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

Marcb replied 9 years ago

They are running excel 2007 so are using the excel 2007 addin. Have you confirmed the issue occurs in older versions of the excel addin (2007/2010)?  And is there a setting that could be changed to change this behaviour?

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