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Allow SV External users to change their own password

Jim asked 5 years ago
SV External users should be able to change their own password.  Don’t see a way for them to do that currently on SV External version 2.0.43.  Even better would be allowing a network account to be used for SV External, rather than a separate user account.
Jim replied 2 years ago

Everyone needs this feature. Please!

Saad replied 2 years ago

That’s a great idea, Jim, almost like you’re someone who actually uses the product in a production environment.

Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
The feature to allow an Active Directory user’s sign-in to work with SmartView External is already under advisement for possible inclusion in a future release.
As for the allowing External Users to change their own password, we will take it under consideration and see if we can implement it in a future release as well.
Jim L. replied 2 years ago

This would be awesome! Consider this my upvote. Thanks!

Ryan V. replied 2 years ago

This is a major security flaw! An admin should not have a user’s password provided to them by the user to change or update! This does not pass modern security compliance or audits.

Please consider this my upvote!

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