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Allow multiple destination company databases to be defined in script when using with the destination "Define" functionality

John asked 5 years ago
I’m building a map which will need to integrate data into multiple GP company databases, i.e. 2 databases at the same time. Problem is, I have 8 company databases, and it’s not always the same 2 databases which data needs to integrate into.
I know that a map can be configured for multiple destinations by checking more than one destination company, but it would be really helpful if the “Define” functionality could allow for the selection of multiple databases. For instance, defining multiple companies with a separator character, like “return ‘ONE; TWO'”
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
We have an existing Feature Request for this functionality. I’ll link this post to the request so you can be notified of changes to the define window in the future. Thank you for your suggestion!

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