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All transaction child nodes must contain the same document number. Please ensure your transaction is not missing this unique identifier for element DOCNUMBER

Justin asked 2 months ago

I’m attempting to import into Dynamics GP Receivables transaction entry.  My Excel sheet contains many invoices/credit memos (I’m creating the distributions via the import, so I have the header information repeating for every distribution line).  While most of my records import without issue, some (and I can’t seem to find a pattern), fail with the error in the post title.  I’ve verified that my excel file contains the same value for docnumber for each document and its distribution lines, and that I’ve mapped both the ‘create transaction’ AND ‘create distributions’ node to this field.  Anyone have any ideas what my issue may be?

Justin replied 2 months ago

Disregard. I just realized I didn’t have the correct datasource keys specified 🙂

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