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Alert if integration schedule stops running on

Bob Whalen asked 2 years ago
Configurable alert where a scheduled integration job has not run within x amount of time after the scheduled next run.  
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 2 years ago

Bob, I see you have been in touch with our support team about this issue. There is no acceptable reason for the SmartConnect schedule to not run an integration at the specified time. Rather than work around and notify users of the issue, we are working to resolve it completely.

Manny replied 2 years ago

Actually, I would like this feature to be added. Either an email alert or just force close the integration that has taken longer than usual. This would serve as a catch all of any error or delay. There are many reason why a job could fail or be delayed… here are a few:

– Sometimes people open an integration window and forget to close it. Then the scheduled job doesn’t run. I’ve seen it happen a few times.
– Internet Connectivity/bandwidth issue
– DNS or IP address changed at the destination (although this would probably fail right away)
– Credentials at the destination changed and are no longer valid (although this would probably fail right away)
– Other? I’ve seen jobs just stop for no apparent reason (integration to CRM online). I suspect the network had an issue. If I re-run the integration, it works fine…

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