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After Upgrade, Extender windows visible in Interface, but not in Security Tasks window

Jeremy Harrington asked 7 years ago
We’ve just upgraded from GP 9 to GP 2013 R2. Our Extender windows made the transition ok from the Extender interface perspective, and they work when logged on as SA. They don’t, however work as any of the users. We believe that its a security issue, and are trying to add a Security Task as documented in the help. However, when we try to do so, the Access list window is blank.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
I would suspect that your DYNAMICS..EXT00001
is not populated after the upgrade.
The Security Task window for the Extender Objects is populated from this table and if it comes up empty, then this would be the culprit.
Easiest solution would be to open the Extender objects (windows in this case) in Extender.
Should be able to open each Extender window and then save it. 
Verify that the record in the EXT00001 table is created.
You can do a couple and then check the table/security to verify they now show.
Once you do so, then you’d do the rest of the windows and should be good.
Jeremy Harrington replied 7 years ago


Excellent suspicion, that’s exactly what it was, thanks!

KRISTIE MCNULTY answered 7 years ago
Our issue is that the ‘sa’ or poweruser roles can access the Extender Window but our end users cannot.  The extender object exists in the EXT00001 table and the user “appears” to have the correct security access, but still cannot access the form.  Where else can I check?
Bill Westrick replied 7 years ago

I am having this same problem right now. Did you ever find an answer for this issue?

KRISTIE MCNULTY replied 7 years ago

We’re told there is a patch for this. We have not had a chance yet to apply and test it though.

Bill Westrick replied 7 years ago

I just loaded the updated version this morning and everything works OK. I did have to follow this instruction to get it to load though:

But one thing I didn’t realize until after the upgrade was complete is that while I created a menu in Extender to hold the form I wanted the users to see, I forgot to actually grant access to the menu in Security Tasks…I had only given them rights to the form itself and now way to get there. Once I added the menu to a security task assigned to a role that was assigned to the users, the Extender screen became available. Odds it would have been available before the Extender software update too had I remembered to give them access to the menu in the first place.

Kirk Livermont replied 7 years ago

Hi Kristie,
I think I have seen this before. Try granting the user security to the inquiry as well as the actual window.


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