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After a year of importing found no 1099 amounts were being picked up

Lewis asked 4 years ago
After a year of importing I just found that no 1099 amounts were being picked up on the Vendor Invoice import. 
I do see a filed mapping for 1099 amounts in the import template which works for 1099 vendor.  However I get this error with “Non” 1099 vendors
“you can not enter a 1099 value for a non-1099 vendor”
So my question is, what is the best way to setup tracking 1099 vendor amounts?
Or in another words..  How do I set up the mapping to see if the vendor is a 1099 vendor or not?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
eConnect doesn’t figure out the 1099 Amounts for you – you have to provide that yourself.  So in the case of mixed vendors, you would either provide $0 or the correct amount for each transaction created.
So either:
Tech Tuesday: Using Multiple Data Sources to bring in the correct 1099 Amount on Payables Transactions
Lewis replied 4 years ago

This information was very helpful. I was able to follow the instructions and did get the results I was hoping for….

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