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Admin Access

johnellis asked 9 years ago
Hello: A user at a GP 2013 customer of ours cannot run any SmartConnect maps, unless she is “coded” as an “Admin” user in the SmartConnect Security window. Now, the maps that she runs are based on ODBC connections. Is that why Admin access is required for her? John
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
The security rights within SmartConnect needed would be access to that map, the permission to Run Maps, and the Connector permissions to both the GP Connector and the Generic Connector. 

Under the GP Connector they would then need access to the correct node permissions when you drill down into it. The Generic Connector is needed as the ODBC connection (or any other general source or destination) falls under that category.


johnellis replied 9 years ago

But, all of those securities were there.

Again, the question is: “Why was Admin security needed to be given in order for the user to have to run maps?”.

Chris replied 9 years ago

The settings listed above would give enough rights to run it. If the user is getting permissions issues with those then I'd suggest working with the support team to dial in and view the issue directly, as we haven't seen a case where permissions cannot be set correctly on the current version of SmartConnect without resorting to making them a full admin.


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