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Additional vendor data from Extender included in Service Based Architecture call?

Kevin asked 7 years ago
Hi, I\’m brand new to this, so hopefully my question makes sense.  I am working on an application that will pull vendors in from GP, and would like to use Extender to add additional vendor properties in GP, such as whether a specific vendor is a railroad company, a trucking company, a chemical supply company, etc.  If I use Extender to add those checkboxes in GP 2015, will it be possible to pull those additional fields when I make the Service Based Architecture call to retrieve all vendors?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Out of the box, no, because the GP service objects don’t know anything about the extender data.
But with Service Builder (not released yet – no timeframe when it will be) you should be able to create your own ServiceVendorWithExtenderData (or whatever you call it) method that will return whatever you like.

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