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Adding New Parameter

Mick asked 8 years ago
We created a custom econnect stored procedure and added to the Dynamics database.  A new parameter was added to the stored procedure, but this parameter will not showup in Smartconnect even after deleting the Node and re-adding.
Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

Mick, The new parameter isn’t showing up in Node Maintenance when you add the stored procedure as a node? Or it’s just not being sent to the procedure when it’s mapped?

Mick replied 7 years ago

Lorren, It isn’t showing up in both. So we deleted the custom stored procedure from all the smartconnect tables and then re-added. We had tried deleting the node but this didn’t work ether. We also tried adding the parameter in manually but this wouldn’t stay in the node maintenance window.
So we got a work around thanks to one of our consultants to get passed the issue.

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