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Adding more price level on a inserting inventory

Greg Teresi asked 6 years ago
I’m inserting inventory into sql. We have different prices for quantity’s and and different customers.
So when I insert a item I can only insert one price. Is there a way to insert different prices with quantity breaks for the same item?
We do this manually.
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago

What is your destination? Is this a custom SQL table or part of a product such as GP? If it is GP, are you using eConnect to import items or going directly to the tables?

Greg Teresi replied 5 years ago

I’m importing the items from a excel spreadsheet thru SmartConnect into a stock GP map for inventory items. Thinking about it should I just add to the spreadsheet a copy of the item with another line changing the to quantity and price?

Greg Teresi replied 5 years ago

I got it I just add all the prices and quantities to the spreadsheet.
Thank you

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