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Adding GoTo on SLB when using Binary Stream MEM

Jim asked 5 years ago
Is is possible to add goto’s on SLB items when we’re also using Multi Entity Management from Binary Stream?  I’ve tried the built-in goto’s, specifically for receivables transactions, but get no results.  I’ve confirmed that each of the values being sent match what the regular Receivables Transactions view is sending for ASI_Document_Status, CUSTNMBR, DOCNUMBR and RMDTYPAL. We’re on GP2015 R2.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
The GoTo’s should work with any products.  It may depend on your SmartList Builder setup, the key fields you have selected, etc as to how the GoTo’s will work.  The Built-In GoTo’s shouldn’t care if Binary Stream is there though as they are all setup to pull data from specific fields.
I have tested creating a Receivables Transaction list and using those GoTo’s in a system where Binary Stream is installed.  I just don’t have any Binary Stream data on that list.  Not sure what you have setup on yours.

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