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Adding Distribution Buckets to AP Transactions

Maybellkate asked 9 years ago
We need more than the 5 distribution buckets that are available on the AP transaction window. (Purchasing, Discounts, Freight, Misc, & Tax).  We want these additional buckets to be tied to a specific account assigned through the Vendor Class.  Is this possible with extender?  I'm specifically worried about tying the additional field to the account to auto-populate the account and amount in the distributions window.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
I believe there should be more distribution types available as the table has 20 defined. I don’t know what setup defines what you are going to see in this list though as I am not familiar enough with the module setup. Extender cannot add additional options to that drop down list. What Extender could do is add a window to the additional menu that you could like to the Account in the line item. You would still have to pick one of the types from the list that you have though. Nicole

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