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Add window to item transaction -scroll

kjjson asked 9 years ago
We are trying to add an extender window to each item line in an Item Transaction Entry screen (iv_transaction_scroll), but I don't see where the document number is included within each line.  For our key field, we can select the Item Number and Sequence number, which works great, but can't find a way to identify it for the transaction. Am I missing something simple, or can this not be done?  Thanks, KJ
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
When you are in the Field Lookup window trying to add a field to the key fields list, there is a drop down above the fields and below the Field Name search. If you click that, you will see all the windows you can use to pull in the key fields. Change that to the Item Transaction Entry and you should be able to grab the document number from there. Hopefully that helps.

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