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Add Time Field When Using GP Change Data Source

Jennifer Wheeler asked 2 years ago
I am using the GP Change Data Source and the destination is a SQL table.  The GP table I am tracking changes in has a modified date field but it doesn’t include the time.  Is it possible to include a time field which would be the time that the change was made?  I don’t think I could add a time field to the SQL table since the map will only run once a day and I assume the time field would be when the map is run.  Any suggestions?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Most of the GP tables that are tracked like the Transaction and Master Records have a DEX_ROW_TS which is a datetime value of then it was last updated.  So double check to verify the GP table doesn’t already have that.
The SmartConnect tracking table itself has a DateCreated datetime field in it.  So in this case the underlying table itself might not have a “time” field in it – but the tracking record itself does which should be the same value (well, maybe off my a millisecond or two).

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