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“Add purchase order link” node

johnellis asked 8 years ago
Hello: I see in the “Sales Orders” node type in SmartConnect that there is a node for “Add purchase order link”. Does using this node allow for sales orders to be linked to purchase orders? How would that work? I ask, because I’m going to soon be developing a Sales Orders map that uses as its source a SQL view containing purchase order data. The client wants the SOP60100 table to, therefore, reflect that these purchase orders and imported sales orders are linked. Would this node truly help, in that regard? Thanks! John
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

That node does not update existing purchase orders, it only creates new ones. You can use Node Builder to generate your own Node to link SOP documents to existing PO's.

johnellis replied 8 years ago

Thanks, Lorren!


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