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Add Extender Detail Window Scrolling Grid fields to SmartList

Lisa Sorensen asked 7 years ago
Is it possible to add fields from the Extender Detail Window Scrolling Grid section (Extender Window -> Options -> Scrolling Grid) to a SmartList, like you can with the Extender Window fields? I have an Extender Window off the Item Maintenance window to store 2 fields (Carrier ID (an Extender Form) and Carrier Plan Title)). It is possible that for one item, there are multiple Carriers and Carrier Plans, hence why we are using the Scrolling Grid option.
Is it possible to pull these fields into a SmartList without creating a separate SQL View for a Custom SmartList via SmartList Designer (They do not own Smartest Builder)? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
No, from an Extender point of view Extender can only integrate with SmartLists where the data is 1:1 with the existing data.
It has to be this way because SmartList is going to just display 1 record and so we can add whatever data we want to that one line but for a Detail Window you have multiple rows of data.
Now I suppose Extender dev could have made it display the first row of Extender detail data but that isn’t useful 99% of the time so it wasn’t put in.
So really, the only solution to this would be to use SLB or Designer to add this.  I would use Extender to make a SQL View of that window and then in Designer you’d add that view into the report.
Lisa Sorensen replied 7 years ago

Thanks Patrick. As I started thinking through the logic, I had a feeling that was the answer, and I understand why it is not possible. I will take the Extender SQL View route and see what I can build. Thank you for the quick reply!

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