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Add End of Month option to Monthly Scheduled Task

Sean Reynolds asked 5 years ago
When creating/scheduling a SmartPost routine to run at the end of every month, four routines have to be created:

  • One to run on the 28th of February

  • One to run on the 29th of February

  • One to run on the 30th of months with 30 days

  • One to run on the 31st of months with 31 days

In order to streamline the management of multiple routines, it would be great if SmartPost had an option to run at the end of the month where it would automatically calculate the next run time to be the end of the next month.  
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
This Feature Request is under consideration and will be looked at further to implement in SmartPost.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
This feature was added in SmartPost 18.3.6.
To use it, on the “Monthly” schedule for the Day of the month, enter 0 and not an actual day.  This will then calculate the “last” day of the next month and schedule itself for that calculated day/date.

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