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Accounts Payable Charge Amount

Justin asked 6 years ago
I am using the eOne SmartConnect Integration and when I use their Excel sheet, I get the following error:Sql procedure error codes returned:� Error Number = 399  Stored Procedure= taPMTransactionInsert  Error Description = Charge Amount is incorrect – CHRGAMNT <> DOCAMNT – CASHAMNT – CHEKAMNT – CRCRDAMT – DISTKNAM Node Identifier Parameters: taPMTransactionInsert 
The CHARGEMNT is not a required field in the GP map, yet the Excel file is looking for it?
Justin replied 6 years ago

A solution to the problem was found after working with Pat, a Live Chat agent. In short, I am using a custom Excel file with the use of a SmartConnect mapping for AP. My custom Excel file isn’t that far off of the one provided, but I remove some values that we do not use in our systems.

To fix Charge Amount, I logged into the Create Payables Transaction mappings and located Discount Taken Amount. I changed this value to a Local Constant of 0. This instantly resolve the issue!

Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Justin,
No matter what you do the Charge Amount needs to be equal to the other side of the equation. So check that the values in the other fields mentioned balance out with the Charge Amount.
Justin replied 6 years ago

Hi Ethan,
I did not notice that you responded to this thread. I do not use a Charge Amount field in GP, so if I set it to the total of all of the items would this fix the issue?
I did try setting the Charge Amount value equal to that of the document amount, but that did not work either.

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