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Account Validation Failing

Andrew Pucinski asked 5 years ago
The current issue is that we have the account in the system but Smartconnect is not recognizing the account 558-1550-03.  Our account structure is xxx-xxxx-xx.  Within the same database we have an account 019-1550-03 which checks out in smartconnect.  I thought it would be formatting so I tried every type of formatting.  My only conclusion is something to do with the first segment or SQL.  Any suggestions?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
As a good rule of thumb – if you get an eConnect business logic error then I would start with the assumption that it is correct.  If we were doing something very unusual in SOP or POP with Inventory calculations or something – well, maybe there is a bug there – but something as simple as “verify that this XXXXX exists” – I’d believe it.
So in this case in the destination company, the account 558-1550-03 does not exist even if you believe it does.
So to start, eConnect verifies the account from the GL00105.ACTNUMST field.  so query that table and verify it does/does not exist.
Common issues:
1. GL00105 missing or the ACTNUMST formatted incorrectly
2. Wrong company (you think you are using TWO and going to FOUR)
3. You didn’t have spaces in account number (if you need it)
Andrew Pucinski replied 5 years ago

Well I know for sure the account exists in GP. I created the account and there is activity through manual journal entries. The company code is correct. So, I am on the GL00105 suggestion.

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