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Accessing multiple salesforce instances (Or specifying running user on map)

Jordan Groody asked 5 years ago
We currently have one Dynamics GP database and two instances of salesforce (One is for a subsidiary company). Can I run synchronization maps for both companies form one instance of Smart Connect? I need to either specify login information or specify a running user (with stored SF credentials) for each scheduled map. How can I accomplish this?  
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
One SmartConnect database cannot connect to multiple instances of Salesforce. However you can have two SmartConnect databases that are accessible through one install of the UI. We call them production and test. here is LINK to our documentation on setting up a second database.
With this method you will select which database you want to use when opening SmartConnect.
Jordan Groody replied 5 years ago

Hi Ethan,
Thanks for the answer. I think we found another workaround that works. We deleted the default SF connector credentials and entered different SF credentials for two “dummy” users. Then, rather than call the maps through the built in scheduler , we use Windows task scheduler to start the map run. Task scheduler can specify which user to run Smartconnect with, thus allowing each us to hit two separate SF instances with user credentials.

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