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access keyfield & populating fields

Chris asked 9 years ago
I can't seem to find a way to use the key field for an extender window in some SQL directly. So far I've made an uneditable field and copied the value into it with Sanscript then used it from there.  Is there a better way?

Also, when I pre-populate a field using Sanscipt (i.e. prefiling in a batch with the date like "INV20130905"), only the first character ("I") will display until you click in the field.  Anyway to fix this?

Maybe it's fixed in a later version… I'm getting things ready in GP 10 for a pending upgrade to GP 2013.
Best Answer
Chris Dew answered 9 years ago

Today that is the best way of being able to use the key field in other scripts and calculations. We have a feature request into our development team to add the key from a window for our use in scripts but we don't have a release date of when that is coming.

The reason you are seeing only one character is because you have a mask or format on that field.


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