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Access 2010 Datasource

klewis10367 asked 10 years ago
I am trying to create an Access 2010 ODBC Data Source, and i keep getting a

[quote=]Unrecognized database format[/quote]

so what i did was rename the access tabel to a 2007 mdb file and get the same error.
ken.hepworth replied 10 years ago


I just wanted to confirm whether this did work in Access 2007 before you tried it with Access 2010?

Also, where was the database actually created, was it in Access 2010 or Access 2007.


klewis replied 10 years ago

1st time trying to use access. Originally created in Access 2010. We do not have access 2007 anymore.

ken.hepworth replied 10 years ago

Hi klewis,

I have had further investigations into this and here is some details.

If your local drivers are Access 2010 64-bit, SmartConnect will not recognize the database file as it only uses 32-bit

If it is 32-bit, SmartConnect does not recognize the *.accdb files but does recognize the *.mdb files. When you mentioned you renamed the file to '2007 mdb file', did you just change the extension from *.accdb to *.mdb? If so, I do not believe this would have made any difference, as I think it would have to have been recreated as just *.mdb to work.

If it is the *.accdb file and 32-bit Access driver that you are using, you can apply the script below to your SmartConnect database and then use the "Access New" ODBC Connection in SmartConnect to connect to the database.

select * from ConnectionStringTemplate

insert into ConnectionStringTemplate
select 27, 'Access New', 'Select * from MyTable', 'Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};Dbq=C:;Uid=;Pwd=;'

Let me know how it goes or if this is not suitable.


klewis10367 replied 10 years ago

Thanks…will try.

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