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ability to disable mappings within integration

Kieren asked 12 months ago

some of my integrations have quite a few mappings configured within, but during testing in particular would want to only run some of the mappings.

but discovered there is no way to just disable individual mappings, they have to be  deleted and completely rebuilt

i guess alternative is to duplicate the entire integration, but seems a little overkill

its annoying as are able to disable individual tasks within an integration, but not the mappings!

Patrick Roth Staff replied 12 months ago

That sure does sound like a nice feature, I’d take that too!

However we can sort of work around this with SC 2018/SC 21 today.

create a global variable maybe called:
and set it to false

Then in the “optional” nodes, in the Restriction script put in:

if GBL_SUPPRESS = “true” then
return false
return true
end if

if you have other “restriction” code you need, don’t use the “else” clause and just let the other code run.

Now in your map pre script you could set a script
GBL_SUPPRESS = “false”

that you could flip that to true if you need to.

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