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AA Dimension Date Codes

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 10 years ago

I am trying to do an eConnect Integration that has a combination of Alpha Numeric AND Data AA Dimension codes. My source file is set up as a text file with all of the dimension codes in one column, so I formatted the column as CHAR 255. The Alpha codes are fine, but when i am able to successfully integrate the date codes, my integration tries to bring the alpha codes in again, which error out…

When all is said and done, the documents are fine, however the errors are so numerous, it is difficult to scan/find/fix the real errors vs the informational error about an alpha code not being in a date format…
Has anyone had any luck with AA date codes and appropriate restrictions/calculated columns to avoid this?

Best Answer
David answered 10 years ago

So in your case the same column is mapped to two different spots in the mapping, to the AA Dimension Code and to the AA Dimension Code Date?

What you would need to do is setup a calculated fields for both mappings, and have the calculated field test to see whether the string can be converted to a date.  In the field for the string codes it would only return values that could not be converted to a date.  In the Date code mapping, it would only return codes that could be converted to a date.   

If you need specifics on how to write a script, you would have to submit a case to


Alyson Van Alstyne replied 10 years ago

I made the date code calculated field as shown below to convert the from the string to date as my column had a mixed bag of Alpha and Date dimension codes.  It doesnt paste nicely into this window, so anyone reading, you need to format your if statements if you try and copy to your integration.



_DIMSEQ=3 and _DIM_CODE <>"" then










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