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AA and GL Entry with multi-curency

Marie-Solange asked 8 years ago
Hi, I’m testing your product to replace Integration Manager for the future GP Implementation. I’m facing a real problem right now, maybe someone can help me on this. I made a GL Transaction Entry integration and it works fine even if there is a 0.01 cent of difference when i’m in functional view (get the rounding account setup). I made another GL Transaction Entry integration and this time I have added the AA node. It works fine only for transaction that has no cent of difference. How can I join both integration, I need multi-currency and AA ?
RogerRogerATX replied 8 years ago

Hi Marie, not answering for eOne here but we are also using AA.  It seems that the AA amount in the eConnect node only allows for two decimal points.  What I did to work around it was to set a rounding column in our import file.     Now Microsoft has been tweaking with the AA module and multicurrency (we actually are not using multicurrency) so maybe it's different if it detects multicurrency.   I don't see a multicurrency option in the AA distribution line, so I really think that issue still exists.  Are you getting an error message on the import?

Marie replied 8 years ago

If AA, I get the error that the GL Entry is unbalanced.
If no AA, It goes thru without error (and creates a line automatically to round it).
My problem is that I multiply an amount with an exchange rate !

GP_Beat replied 8 years ago

Hi Marie,
Can you eventually put a pre-processing script that would round the value to 2 decimals ? just asking… we don't use AA so I've no clue and it may well use a different stored procedure with multi-currency when AA transactions are involved… could be a bug.

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