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A couple of suggestions/questions

Jen Kuntz asked 8 years ago
Hi there,
After training my client we had a few questions that I can’t find documented in the PDF user manual… apologies if these are already in there.
#1. Is there a way to default new favourites to All Companies? Each time you create a favourite, the company tab shows only the company you’re logged into. I see this as a useful feature in configuration, whether you want to default to the logged in company or all companies or selected companies by default, so administrators have a choice when you install/configure SmartView initially.
#2. What is the lock/unlock feature in Favourite Maintenance? I tried locking a favourite thinking it prevented it from being deleted by a user and it didn’t… so I’m unsure what this might be for.
#3. Is the only place to rename a field in Field Maintenance? i.e. an individual user cannot rename a column heading in a favourite they are building on their own like they can in Smartlist?  Any plans for this to be added if it’s not? Most users won’t have access to Field Maintenance, as admins won’t want everyone able to rename any field in any smartlist.
Jared answered 8 years ago
#1 – In our current builds the logged in company is what is used initially when creating a favorite.
#2 – The lock/unlock prevents a favorite from being edited or deleted.  You will need to upgrade to the latest build as there was an issue with this feature on the previous version.
#3 – Field Maintenance is currently the only way to change display names in SmartView.
Jen Kuntz answered 8 years ago
Thanks Jared.
On #3, I could be mistaken but Field Maintenance does not show fields in Smartlist Builder smartlist objects – or at least it doesn’t when I looked last. Is that correct or am I mistaken on that? The drop down list of objects on which to rename fields doesn’t include any “custom” smartlists, only the out of the box GP ones.

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