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64-Bit Excel

johnellis asked 11 years ago

I downloaded and installed the Excel Add-In for SmartConnect 2012.  The "Add-Ins" tab in Excel appears on those stations that have 32-bit Excel but not on those that have 64-bit Excel.

I will see if the client's IT staff can install 32-bit Excel on this one workstation that has this issue.  But, I want to check with eOne to see if, instead, there is some sort of patch or 32-bit drivers that I can download in order to have this "Add-Ins" tab for this station. Or, is an install of 32-bit Excel the only remedy?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

kenhepworth replied 11 years ago

Hi John,

If possible, you should really be still using the 32-bit version if at all possible. If you have Excel 64-bit installed, you can download the 32-bit drivers from the Microsoft website and install, but it can be a bit of a tricky process sometimes to get it working after having installed 64-bit excel first.

So my recommendation if you have to use the 64-bit excel would be to install the 32-bit driver first and then install excel.


Best Answer
johnellis answered 11 years ago
Thanks, Ken, for answering my question and responding so quickly!  🙂


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