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42843 for Excel’s Date

johnellis asked 8 years ago
Hello: I developed an Excel “push” integration using the SmartConnect Excel Add-In. This worked fine on another laptop that I used to have. Since I switched to a new laptop, I had to copy my data over. Now, this Excel push integration gives a run error saying “Failed to convert parameter value from a string to a datetime”. When I look at the Process Errors window, the Date column of my spreadsheet is being recognized by SmartConnect with the value “42843” instead of the actual date. The column is formatted as a Date field. How do I fix this? Thanks! John
Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
The underlying issue is you switched version of the Excel addin. Take a look at this: This resolves your issue. Patrick eOne
johnellis replied 8 years ago

That worked, Patrick! Thank you!


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