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2013 Excel asked 9 years ago
User created mappings based on Excel 2010 and upgraded to Excel 2013 and now gets the message:  "Data source name not found and no default driver specified."  

Please advise.
klewis10367 replied 9 years ago

Have them install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010..use the x64 version if 64 bit.

tminor replied 9 years ago

Thanks…do we need to install the Microsoft Access Database engine 2010 on the server or the workstation?

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
The database engine should be installed on whatever machine they open the SC interface on.

For Excel 2013 Microsoft no longer installs the ODBC drivers by default which is probably why the maps are now failing.

The 2010 Access Database engine that was suggested will work because they haven't changed the ODBC drivers that are part of that package since 2010 so by installing that package on any machine the SC interface is on will ensure it can connect.


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