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COMMUNITY FORUM asked 10 years ago

We are getting ready to upgrade a client from GP 10.0 to 2010.  On the soon to be old server, the version of SmartConnect is

On the new server, as part of testing, the consultant who conducted the testing says that he installed the latest version of SmartConnect.  When I opened SmartConnect, I saw that the version is

I know that the latest version of SmartConnect is 2012 with service pack 2.  Could both servers have the same version of SmartConnect, then?

David replied 10 years ago


SmartConnect is client specific.  Meaning that if you open the application and go to the Help – About, it will show the version that is installed on the client.

If both machines said when you looked at "Help – About", then that is the version that is installed on both of them. 

The latest version of SmartConnect is, so I would recommened putting the latest build on the new server. 


Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Excellent!  Thanks, David!


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