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2 'folder source' maps that use different tabs in the same Excel file

Tom Repetti asked 5 years ago
As the subject suggests, I have 2 maps that need to executed in sequence.  The first adds items to the GP inventory tables, the second creates a sales order with those items.  I have 2 different template files, each one defining the appropriate excel tab
Successfully tested them separately as non folder source maps, now ready to put into production.
Problem is that for the first map, setting up new items, it ends by moving the Excel file to the Success folder.  Now when the second map runs to create the sales order, the data file is gone!
What is the easy way to do this?
Lorren Zemke answered 5 years ago
Tom, there are several ways this could be done but most of them require a detailed write up and some .NET code.
The one method that doesn’t require additional coding would be to set the success folder of Map 1 to the Source folder of Map 2.
When the document is successful it will move it to the success folder. Map 2 uses that folder as it’s source, so when it runs, it picks up the file from that folder. In Map 1, on the Post Map Success Task, you would run Map 2.
Tom replied 5 years ago

Thanks Lorren, that is exactly what I ended up doing. I made the success folder of map 1 the source folder of map 2. Worked like a charm.

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