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0 Records Being Read

Charles Allen asked 4 years ago
We have a map that reads data in an Azure-based table. There are always records available to be read.
However, sometimes a scheduled map will return results that say 0 for the record count. If you preview the data, you can see data is there.
As a test this morning, I scheduled a map to run every 10 minutes for 30 minutes.
The first and fourth times it read the data and imported it. The second and third times it had 0 for the Record Count. We always have records available so it’s not a matter of data not happening to be there at that time.
If anybody has any ideas on why a scheduled map would not see the data sometimes, I’d appreciate your response.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Can’t see how that would be unless there is an intermittent login or connection issue.

I’d look at the SmartConnect event log for any errors to see If it had an issue logging in.

Otherwise I think you’d have to run a SQL Profile Trace to watch for logins (make sure Audit Logon Failure is marked in trace) and then the query for the table to see if SC can run the query.

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