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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Check out our recorded D365 Business Central sessions from the eOne Event:

GP Partners Now Selling Dynamics 365 Business Central

Listen as a panel of Dynamics partners discusses the joys, the concerns, and the best ways to make money as you add Business Central to your product arsenal.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Truly Integrated

In this session, we’ll show you how SmartConnect integration can streamline and improve the integration capabilities between Dynamic 365 Business Central and other systems. We’ll cover what is available natively and go through some real customer scenarios for D365 Business Central integrations.

Best Practices: Integrating Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you’re using Salesforce you’ll want to watch this session where we’ll discuss best practices for integrating Salesforce and Business Central using

How to Integrate ConnectWise with Business Central using SmartConnect

You do not have to be a ConnectWise expert to build repeatable integrations. In this session, you will learn how we integrated ConnectWise with Business Central data. Take the lessons from this session to build your own vertical and differentiate your business.

Deep Dive: Integrating Salesforce with Dynamics 365 Business Central

We’ll show you all the steps to build a Salesforce integration with Business Central.

Migration Path: from Anything to Business Central

If you’re moving to Business Central and want access to legacy data, we’ve got you covered. This session will focus on a Dynamics GP migration, but the concept applies to all systems.

Migration Tools: The Best Way to Migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central

If you’re planning a move from Dynamics GP to Business Central, you don’t want to miss this session. We’ll share best practices for moving data and accessing historical data from GP within Business Central.

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