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Concur and Microsoft Dynamics Integration Webinar


JOIN THE WEBINAR: Introduction to Concur and Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration using SmartConnect


DATE AND TIME:  June 27th at 10am CST



Drew Nelson


Drew Nelson,  Advisor Sales Executive

Chris Hanson


Chris Hanson,  SmartConnect Product Manager




Join SAP Concur and eOne in this 40 minute webinar as we share an introduction to SAP Concur and how SmartConnect provides the needed integration between Concur and your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  Automating your data integration between SAP Concur and your Dynamics ERP (whether it’s Dynamics GP, NAV or D365 Business Central) will help you:

  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Prevent errors resulting from manual processes
  • Improve efficiency

Specifically, we will:

  1. Provide an overview of SAP Concur Expense, Travel, and Invoice.
  2.  Discuss scenarios that you should integrate
  3. Provide examples of how to set up the needed integrations and tasks between systems.
  4. Achieve an understanding of how these solutions can benefit your company when implemented successfully.




SAP Concur Expense, Travel and Invoice provide a complete solution to manage, spend, book business travel and simplify the accounts payable process.  By connecting your Dynamics 365, GP and NAV, SAP Concur delivers an effortless experience and total transparency into spending as it happens, so you can focus on what matters most.



eOne Solutions is the proud creator of SmartConnect, which allows you to integration your Dynamics 365, GP, NAV, D365 Business Central and all your best-of-breed business applications without code.  Trusted by over 5,000 customers, SmartConnect provides a configurable and scalable integration toolset that allows companies to:

  • Reduce manual effort and increase automation between their ERP and CRM applications
  • Tightly integrate with cloud applications
  • Say yes to specific and complex business requirements, without needing a developer.

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