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D365 Business Central Pack from eOne

Popdock Makes It Easier, Faster, & Simpler


And, thank you for connecting with eOne at Directions North America!

We’re pretty excited about partnering with our Dynamics 365 Business Central partners to help them deliver integrations (traditional & virtual), migrations, and reporting requirements with less code via our ISV tools.

At a quick glance, here is our pack of quick links for your review:

eOne’s Battlecard for Integration, Migration & Reporting (PDF) – Positioning, use cases, differentiation, and conversation points.


Data Integration using SmartConnect – Integrate D365 Business Central with all types of on-premise and cloud apps without code. Generate data in the right place at the right time via the right transformation.

Virtual Integration using Popdock – Embed & Display external data in D365 Business Central and also display D365 Business Central data in other apps (CRM, helpdesk, eCommerce, a dashboard, etc). Deliver integration outcomes in minutes, not weeks.

Data Migration

Archive historical/legacy ERP data to a Data Lake – specific sets, existing reports, and full database backups using Popdock.

Embed Popdock in D365 Business Central to access historical data and create new reports using Popdock.

Combine old ERP and new Business Central data in your reports using Popdock.

Integrate open and master data records to Business Central using SmartConnect.

Migration handouts:

Popdock Data Lake Upload Tool – Archive historical data to Microsoft’s Azure Data Lakes and make historical data (originally from GP, NAV, SL, or SQL) accessible within Business Central, or wherever you’d like to embed it.


  • The Query Builder for Business Central – Join and summarize data at a table-level to create an optimized BC Query API.  No code is needed and this feature is included with Popdock. (every BC customer absolutely needs this!!) 
  • Self-service reporting across all Business Central Data, including Dimensions with Popdock.
    • Advanced & Unlimited Filtering
    • Sort, group & subgroup
    • Easily add & remove columns
    • Search
    • Report across multiple companies and systems
    • Export
    • Save & share favorites
    • Embed reports in the app where your team works

Have a customer in mind? Want to discuss requirements?

Reach out to eOne’s sales team at or by calling +1 (888) 319-3663. Our presales and tech team is ready to cover questions and help!