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Shopify Integrations, Simplified

There are over 500,000 active Shopify stores around the world, helping to build online sales for businesses of all sizes,...

Tech Tuesday: Setting up a Basic Authentication Service in

A while back, I wrote an article about connecting to Shopify with the REST Connector using SmartConnect on-prem. With, this...

Tech Tuesday: How to Handle Paging with Shopify in SmartConnect

The paging method shown in this article was removed by Shopify. Instead the new REST Connector in and SmartConnect...

Tech Tuesday : Using Parameters to Enhance the REST Connector Setup

Hey everyone! Today we are looking at using different parameters within the REST Connector to either give additional options during...

Tech Tuesday: Connecting to Shopify with SmartConnect

A newer version of the SmartConnect REST connector is now available on and SmartConnect 21 and newer. A sample...